Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Zolar X - Timeless CD (Alternative Tentacles)


Jello Biafra has earned some serious space-brownie points for archiving the lost recordings of these circa 1972-80 Sunset Strip performance popists, still remembered in select circles for their nifty Martian moptop costumes and ability to stay in character beyond the call of sense. The sibilant vocals and ultra-pretentious guitar army moves suggest the Martians were intercepting some pretty silly stuff on their satellites. Particularly recommended if your dream band looks like the Revillos but sounds more like Styx. -Kim Cooper

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Tosh said...

I saw Zolar X with Jobrieth. My Dad took me to the show. I think my father was a secret Jobrieth fan. Well...not that much of a secret. Anyway it is a show that has always stayed with me. It was beyond 'did I like it' or 'did I hate it.'