Thursday, March 10, 2005

Ask a Hungry Freak!

One of the most popular features we've run recently in Scram was John Trubee's interview with Carl Franzoni, the mail order penis pump salesman who dropped out to lead a troup of tripped out psychedelic dancers on the Sunset Strip. Carl & co. toured with the Byrds and Mothers of Invention, and that's Carl Zappa's singing about when he warns, on Freak Out:
"Mister America walk on by your schools that do not teach
Mister America walk on by the minds that won't be reached
Mister America try to hide the emptiness that's you inside
When once you find the way you lied
And all the corny tricks you tried
Will not forestall the rising tide of HUNGRY FREAKS, DADDY!"

Well, Carl Franzoni has agreed to be our new advice columnist! Ask A Hungry Freak is your chance to get real, freaky love or career advice, not from some dried up old dame or sarky homosexual, but from a red-blooded American freak who has spent four decades perfecting the art of living free.

Gotta a question for Carl? Email the editrix and she'll pass it on, and you may just see Carl's answer here soon. [note: look up for Carl's first column]

Order Scram #17 and read Carl Franzoni's interview (link below for US readers only, visit our back issues page for more options)

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