Saturday, March 26, 2005

Ask A Hungry Freak!

This is the third installment of Carl Franzoni's advice column, in which the King of the Freaks gives the benefit of his years of wild behavior to a new generation. More info is here.

Dear Carl,

I was wondering what your view is of the current pop music scene. Most specifically, its dependency on fashion styles and current dances such as the "lean back." What do you think could be done (what would you do) to improve the scene or at the very least lighten it up?

Also, some of these artists and "Divas" (as they demand to be called) started out as dancers and feel they need to become "a triple threat"(actor/singer/dancer) because that is currently the "in" thing to be. Should they stick to one thing or try to do it all at the potential risk of
compromising their arts? Do you have any advice for them?


Hello R.E.Toledo,

I'll start with the"Divas," because in my life there are two women that I have watched and helped in the arts that you talk about. One is 31, the other is 41 yrs old. 31 is in the fast lane and heading for destruction, not because she doesn' t know her art forms and how to do them, it's because she locked into the BUSHMASTER world. Look up that word in the dictionary! But to me it means someone that stays in a bad environment and is not willing to change to a slower one step at a time. Not rush to get ahead. The fast ones burn out quickly .

The native americans I hang out with say don't say anything until you're 55yrs. old. U can do it all, but slow it down. In the dance there is something called a time step . It means think of where you're going next. Consider Madonna and Barbra Streisand.

Hiphop is the dance for me these days. It's tuff and against the culture, in contrast to Fairyland slow ass music played on all the dance shows. We need up tempo blues or Motown back in our dance. Go to a black dance hall and see how they sweat!!!

always, Hungry Freaks Daddy
carl o. franzoni

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