Saturday, March 12, 2005

Ask A Hungry Freak!

This is the first installment of Carl Franzoni's advice column, in which the King of the Freaks gives the benefit of his years of wild behavior to a new generation. More info is here.

Moneill emails to ask Carl Franzoni, While dancing to the Byrds, what kind of mid 60s-era hot girl should I scope? What if my last dancing experience per se was disco dancing in the late 1970s while in peerpressurejr.high? Please advise. Should I “frug” or do the busstop or point out that the reason I don’t dance is that I am a musician and that we “can’t,” is that ok? Please advise again. Plus, what is the best outfit to wear while scoping out said 60s hot girl? Pants and shirt etc. but which? Curious in FLA, Moneill

Carl responds, Hello, Moneill. Each band in the 60s had their dancers, Our women dancers wore a cut down dress so U saw there thighs and wore no panties or a totally see threw dress that revealed everything, high heels and lot of red cocksucker smeared on lipstick. Look at Tina Turner she never did ware panties. Disco was for sole'est. My clothes with the Byrds was hiheel nee boots black, and tights, different colors, midriff shirt that would flow while you spun and fancy belt that said, look below and U will see my lovestick. Happyness to you, carl o franzoni Hungry Freaks Daddy

Robbie White emails to ask Carl Franzoni, Do you have any 1966 era pics of Carl & the dancers at any Mothers shows?

Carl responds: Hi, Robbie, We did a movie, called ''YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT" with the most spectacular dancing pictures ever recorded about how we danced with Frank"s Mothers of Invention at the Shrine Auditorium in 1966. The cameraman was Barry Feinstein who was also the director. This movie explains so much about the 60s because it tells about three different city's New York, San Francisco, and Hollywood. And the difference of how the freaks were. Feinstein was married to Mary from Peter, Paul& Mary, they were the real Producers.of this movie... The main dancers to watch as the movie ends was Vito and myself. And watch at the very end was Sheldon Jaman. WOW!!! --carl o franzoni Hungry Freeks Daddy

stay tuned for further installments of Ask A Hungry Freak, or email the editrix with your love or career questions for Carl O. Franzoni, the King of the Freaks

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