Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tim Dawe - Penrod CD (Radioactive)

At times a gentle, moody folk-psych disc, elsewhere host to a most delicious twangy acid-surf guitar courtesy of Chris Kebeck, this 1969 Straight LP is a curious anomaly. Dawe, a one-time Iron Butterfly member who'd go on to work with It's A Beautiful Day, has a warm, swooping voice that's somewhere between Tim Buckley (who producer Jerry Yester also recorded around this time) and Tom Rush. He brings a weirdly nostalgic air to “Junkie John” and other tunes about edge-dwelling heads, while Arnie Goodman's organ adds mod splashes all around. Understated and rather haunting stuff-with harpsichord! -Kim Cooper


chowder said...

Tim Dawe now teaches Physics at City College in San Francsico, CA

Kathleen said...

He's an awesome teacher. I feel lucky to have been introduced to Physics in his class!