Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Goblin Market- Haunted CD (Camera Obscura)

When last we heard from this Green Pajamas side project, on 2001’s excellent ghostland, Jeff Kelly and Laura Weller were crafting deliciously spooky songs inspired by the work of pre-Raphaelite poetesses Christina Rossetti and Elizabeth Siddal, Poe and Emily Brontë. This album finds them hopping the pond and a century later, with a cycle of moody and emotional tunes inspired by the novels and stories of Joyce Carol Oates. I don’t know her stuff except in passing, but even out of context this is a strong album, delicately wrought but not at all fey, with gorgeous twining vocals, hypnotic melodies and pained themes that cut deep. Literate pop fans will be ensorceled.

[To hear an MP3, or to order directly from the label, go here. Link for buying the previous album below.]

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