Sunday, November 20, 2005

"Fresh Maggots" by Fresh Maggots (Amber Soundroom LP/ Sunbeam CD)

Originally issued on RCA in 1971, this rural teenage English duo (Mick Burgoyne and Leigh Dolphin) might have found an audience with a less repellant name. It’s hard to imagine many girls picking up the album without hearing it first, though it’s full of charming original songs and was well reviewed. Their aggressive, finely-arranged orchestral folk with fuzzed-out guitars, trilling tin whistles, glockenspiel and violin occupies an intriguing middle ground between the Incredible String Band’s dreamy weirdness and Donovan’s pop sensibility, with sustained flashes of pure punk energy, and surely deserves a reappraisal.

Buy the CD here, or visit Amber Soundroom's website for info on the limited edition 180 gram vinyl release.

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