Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Appaloosa RETURNS

My, this is big. Of all the albums that I got turned onto by reading contributors' essays in Lost in the Grooves, the one I adore the absolute mostest, the one that truly proved the book's promise of turning a reader onto their favorite album that they didn't know existed, was the sole and seductive LP by Appaloosa, a selection of the very tasteful Brian Doherty.

When I was licensing music for the Lost in the Grooves website (which is going to be back online very soon, btw), Appaloosa was high on my wish list, but band leader John Parker Compton told me that despite his own pleas and those of producer Al Kooper, the label had no interest in a reissue.

And now: the announcement that Collector's Choice has licensed and reissued this holy grail of baroque pop delight, with an early December release. Appaloosa is essential if you dig the Zombies, Emitt Rhodes, the Left Banke, the middle Kinks and magic.

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