Monday, October 10, 2005

Jim Flora-sized Window of Opportunity

This just in from author Irwin Chusid :

If you've been trying without success to get your hands on copies of THE MISCHIEVOUS ART OF JIM FLORA, read on.

What it is:

Over the past few months, I've heard from friends and acquaintances who tried to purchase the book in stores or online but couldn't obtain copies. The reasons -- as explained by the publisher, Fantagraphics -- have to do with the mystery science of retail allocation. The book isn't out of PRINT, but it's out of STOCK at many retailers. Few copies are in the warehouse of the distributor (Norton Books), Fantagraphics has few on their shelves, and that makes the remaining retail copies in circulation difficult to find. Hell -- I'm the AUTHOR and *I* couldn't get copies. Fantagraphics does not plan to reprint the book any time soon (don't ask!). We are working on a second volume, which Fantagraphics says will occasion a limited reprint of the first -- in late 2006.

Two weeks ago, Fantagraphics located some available copies and I ordered 25 to keep a modest inventory on hand. They mistakenly double-shipped and 50 copies arrived. I planned to return 25 -- but before doing so, figured I'd ask if anyone wants to purchase copies for $25/ea. + shipping. Cash, checks, PayPal OK. But no CC's.

In a week (OCT 18), any excess copies will be returned to Fantagraphics. So here's your big chance before they disappear again. Great gift idea, a little monkey told me. -Irwin

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