Monday, October 31, 2005

All Summer Long: Dumb Angel Gazette #4

Hawthorne-ologist Domenic Priore has teamed up with publisher Brian Chidester to launch this long-overdue new issue of his perfect-bound west coast history lesson (#3 came out in ’89). While the Beach Boys remain the throbbing heart of the discourse, Priore and his writers take a broader view of what made mid-sixties SoCal such a powerful fulcrum for cultural change. Jan Berry gets a detailed appreciation, as does the impact of modern building on social experience, exotica music’s path through surf, and the design influences that shaped the early surfing magazines. The whole package is absurdly ambitious, a full-color 140+ page collection of scarce pop imagery and rare snapshots rendered most handsomely. Beach Boys fiends will want it for the day-by-day history of the band’s movements from 1964-65, pop genealogists for Pete Frame’s fold-out South Bay surf family tree, design geeks for page upon page of stunning finds. Color Scram impressed.

More info from Neptune’s Kingdom Press

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