Monday, October 03, 2005

Adrienne Crew of LAist interviews puppetmaster Bob Baker

What do you have planned for the Bubblegum Achievements Award show?

Well, for the Bubblegum Achievment Awards, we are putting together a show that's a fusion or essence of bubblegum music, songs that were popular during the time.

We're putting together about 10 acts using some of the sets we have. Yesterday we did decide to include the Eloise characte, from the Kay Thompson books. Another number that we’re gonna put on is a candy number. It will be performed to the song "Yummy Yummy Yummy." We're doing "Sugar Sugar," that song and other songs may be interwoven into the music [as a medly].

We’re doing dancing candy and Candy Dandy..., then we’ll have a whole candy number that we’re pulling out of our Nutcracker Show where we have all these waltzing cakes, candies, lollipops. We are also going to have an acid rock band, We'll have a jelly bean drummer, a mouse that plays piano and a funny disco dancer. We have waltzing cakes and lollipops.

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