Monday, October 03, 2005

Bubblegum round table interview from

Ryan posts: The 2005 Bubblegum Achievement Awards, a very particular breed of strange, takes place this Friday evening (10/7) at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater. Bob Baker himself will be performing puppet magic alongside classic psychedelic rockers from The Archies, Ohio Express, Doctor Demento and a person dressed as an ape in a safety vest and hardhat. A screening of the documentary revolving around the book Bubblegum Music is the Naked Truth is also on tap.

During the course of four hours I sat down at a giant roundtable with the book’s editor Kim Cooper, Master of Ceremonies The Bubblegum Queen and her two cohosts, Big Hamm and L’il Hamm (Canned Hamm, collectively). Over a 12-pack of Bazooka and a Costco six-gallon bag of Smarties, I gleaned the following.

I gaze at the people gathered at this roundtable. Round and ’round my eyes go and finally. stop. on…..Kim Cooper. Editor. Conceiver of this puppet show-cum- gala-bubblegum-awards -show- cum-reason-for-a-safety-ape-to-appear-in-public. Oh yes, my questions shall begin with Kim... [for more disturbing queries about ponies and skin diseases than you might expect, read on at]

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