Monday, May 09, 2005

Scott Miller & Final Republic Live at the Rite Spot

The free Lost in the Grooves concert at the Rite Spot in SF on Walpurgisnacht was a delight, with stellar appearances from an exquisitely nostalgic Scott Miller and a newly reformed and quite savage permutation of Savage Republic. Thanks to the artists and to the nice folks who came out to the show and put some folding green in the firebucket--it helped pay for the Millers' babysitter, and the Savages bar bill.

Here's the setlist (with props to Sue Trowbridge for those tricky Interbabe Concern titles):

SCOTT MILLER - PART I, Game Theory: Curse of the Frontierland, I Mean It This Time (which he said he never plays), Rayon Drive, 24, I Turned Her Away. PART 2, Loud Family: Screwed Over By Stylish Introverts, Don't Respond, Not Expecting Both Contempo and Classique, Where They Walk Over St. Therese, Where They Go Back To School, Asleep and Awake. ENCORE (sigh): Reginesraen.

FINAL REPUBLIC: O Adonis, Film Noir, Jamahiriya, Mobilization, Carcass, Spice Fields, Ivory Generation.

Ethan Port promises to post the MP3 of the FR set on the Mobilization website, so stay tuned.

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Mike said...

wow, that sounds amazing! did anyone record it?