Monday, May 09, 2005

New Scram and Lost in the Grooves swag

Cafepress is running a promotion where they encourage members to try their premium shop option for free, so I've been rotating our stock into the new shop here.

The shop is named for the 1947project blog, and has a more sober look than a typical Scram page, but if you click on the Scram logo or the Lost in the Grooves book cover, you'll be taken to pages packed with new offerings. I've even revived the Scramarama festival poster, which was never previously available.
The LITG section is quite full--with items starring Tom Neely's drawings of solo Paul McCartney, David Allan Coe, Emitt Rhodes, Esquerita, eX-Girl, Roosevelt Franklin, Frankie Stein and his Ghouls, Howlin' Wolf, Judee Sill, Linda Perhacs, Roy Wood, Sonny Sharrock with Space Ghost, Joe Meek with Buddy Holly, Exuma, Dogbowl, Yoko, Swamp Dogg, Slim Gaillard, Megadeth, the Potatomen, Chevrolet Sings and more!

Meanwhile, the Scram section will be getting more cover art over the next few days until most of the covers are represented. I might even publish those out of print early issues as a print-on-demand book if there's any interest. So consider this a sneak preview, and do let me know what you think. -Kim Cooper


Hayden Childs said...

My burning question is: Will Tom Neely ever sell Punk Bert onesies?

Lost in the Grooves said...

Not via Cafepress... they banned that image as a trademark violation. Wouldn't let us use Tom's Ramones drawing, either.

Hayden Childs said...

The bastards! Those were the two we most wanted on onesies.

Lost in the Grooves said...

Welp, if you get some iron-on paper for your printer and email me (amscray @ I'll send you a high-res JPG you can print out. Because it's ALL ABOUT THE RAMONES ONESIES!