Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Free The Eichhorn 46!

Thanks to our pal Caleb from Swifty Morales Press, for a limited time we have free copies of Dennis P. Eichhorn's beautifully printed anthology REAL STUFF as a premium for new or renewing subscribers to Scram, a journal of unpopular culture.

REAL STUFF is a collection of true life adventures from the bigger-than-life reality of longtime Scram contributor Dennis Eichhorn, in collaboration with Triangle Slash, Rick Altergott, Peter Bagge, Jim Blanchard, Ariel Bordeaux, Rupert Bottenberg, Chester Brown, Ivan Brunetti, Charles Burns, Howard Chackowicz, David Chelsea, Dan Clowes, David Collier, Dave Cooper, Robert L. Crabb, Lloyd Dangle, Julie Doucet, Michael Dougan, Gary Dumm, B.N. Duncan, Gene Fama, Mary Fleener, Drew Friedman, Renee French, Roberta Gregory, Sam Henderson, Jaime Hernandez, Gilbert Hernandez, Sean M. Hurley, Gerald Jablonski, Peter Kuper, Carol Lay, Jason Lutes, Kent Myers, Bernard Edward Mireault, Carel Moiseiwitsch, Terry Moore, Pat Moriarty, Joe Sacco, Seth, Leslie Sternbergh, Carol Swain, Holly Tuttle, Colin Upton, J.R. Williams, Jim Woodring, Joe Zabel and Mark Zingarelli.

Coming soon: Scram #21, the Swamp Issue, cover by Lark Pien. Past cover artists include Andrice Arp, Bartley Johnson, Tom Neely, Daniel Clowes, Steven Weissman, Gene Sculatti, Doug Allen, Mari Kono, Dave Cooper, Christine Shields, Tim Hensley and Peter Bagge.

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