Saturday, May 14, 2005

Del Rey & the Sun Kings Unique CD on eBay

Del Rey & the Sun Kings performed a beautiful Tribute to Monitor at the Lost in the Grooves book release party at Mr. T's Bowl. Now their debut CD is available--singular! There is only one copy for sale in all the world; this extraordinary package is being auctioned on eBay through next Sunday night, with an opening bid of $3.33.

In the 1980s, Jackson Del Rey was the lead guitarist and chief songwriter of Savage Republic and 17 Pygmies. After more than a decade pursuing other paths, Jackson Del Rey has returned to the studio and live performance as leader of his band Del Rey & the Sun Kings, and as lead guitarist of the reunited Savage Republic (aka Final Republic).

Del Rey & the Sun Kings have just completed work on their first full-length record, entitled “I Am The Light.” To acknowledge the rareness of this moment, Jackson Del Rey has personally constructed just 100 custom-numbered editions of the CD each one of which comes in a beautiful cloth bag which contains the CD inside a sleeve made of Chinese funerary papers plus a selection of ritual objects which may include scented seeds and herbs, a custom-printed scroll, straw, Chinese coins, tiny bangles, candles and beads. Every copy is signed with Jackson Del Rey’s chop. These collections of powerful items are meant to be assembled by the listener into a personal shrine to enhance the experience of the music.

Jackson Del Rey says of this record, “It contains my first recordings in over 15 years. Each item has a unique meaning, all of a mystical nature. The set is to be used to try to attain spiritual ecstasy through the use of music (not unlike the whirling dervishes of Sufism).”

The Sun Kings are;
• Jackson Del Rey
• Steven Bardo
• Jean Sudbury (Violin on tracks 4, 5, 6 & 12)
• Michael Bardo (Drum programming and additional keyboards on track 11)
• Tony Whiting (Shaker & Cabasa on track 5)

This CD has not been made available anywhere—none of the numbered editions has yet circulated. In addition to the 100 numbered copies, there is just one unnumbered set which Jackson Del Rey intended for his personal copy. This auction is for Jackson’s copy of “I Am The Light.” The winner will be the first fan to possess this unique and beautiful object, and to hear the powerful new music that follows in the tradition of Savage Republic and 17 Pygmies.

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