Monday, December 26, 2005

Chesapeake Juke Box Band S/T CD (Rev-Ola)

In 1971, NY songwriters Steve Sawyer and Freddie McFinn sequestered themselves in the Record Plant with Archies keyboard whiz Ron Frangipane and engaged in arcane alchemical rituals focusing on the letter B. The Beach Boys, the Beatles, the sensibilities of Broadway and the British are just the most blatant elements blended into the sole release by the CJBB, a lush and schizoid demonstration of studio wizardry featuring a scattering of Wings sidemen. From the name-dropping opening track, it’s obvious that we’re in meta-territory, where pop eats it own tail. There aren’t many records that leap about so frenetically (or comfortably), a little Doo Wop here, five seconds in Nashville, or is that the Hollies’ Manchester, and whoops! now we’re in a radio drama. It’s pop as Disney ride, speedy as reading Burroughs on a train, also glib and ridiculous and elegant and finely-honed. Of course it sank like a juke box, but thanks to this reish, new generations of tail-tasters can unpeel its layers.


nhu876 said...

A dreamy strange taste of the early 1970s. I taped "Until We Meet Again" off of WNEW-FM way back in 1976. Looked for it for years without even knowing the nme of the group. Don't even think it was in those big 'Phonolog' books that record stores had back then. I had no idea who recorded it until about a year ago when I stumbled on it on some website.

My Display Name said...

Top notch record making. Critics should have paid more attention.

Hallowicious said...

R.I.P. Steve Sawyer