Friday, April 28, 2006

Moving House

Editrix Kim will be taking her future LITG postings to the new and improved, currently featuring great lost albums and a couple dozen ace obscure music bloggers.

Users of feed readers can subscribe to Kim's blog here.

Or just pop over to the site and poke around.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

First Nick Sylvester, then this

Tis the season for petitions. Chuck Eddy was let go from his music editor position at the Village Voice yesterday. Sign here to urge the new owners to reconsider.

To Michael Lacey and Andy Van De Voorde of Village Voice Media:

We the undersigned, consisting of music publicists, music people and Village
Voice readers, hereby request the reinstatement of Chuck Eddy as music
editor of the Village Voice. The official reason given for his termination
was "reasons of taste." Seeing as Chuck did his job and did it with
efficiency, intelligence, character and humor, to say nothing of good taste,
we find the grounds for his dismissal unreasonable bordering on
incomprehensible and ask that he be restored to the position he has occupied
for the last seven years.

Village Voice senior editor and rock critic Robert Christgau said of Eddy,
"There have been many good music editors, but Chuck Eddy was the most
efficient, most professional I worked with. He was fabulous to work with. He
was the only editor who got his sections in not on time, but ahead of time.
He was so easy to work with. He was great."

Since Village Voice Media assumed control of the Voice in November, Chuck is
the 17th employee to leave the paper, either by resignation or termination.
It is clear that the Voice is being made to change in ways that are
rendering it indistinguishable from every other weekly in the country. Chuck
had been writing for the Voice since 1984, it was voices like his that made
it the paper what it was. Their loss is our loss.


Mark Gorney - Worldisc (
Josh Mills - It's Alive Media (
Regina Joskow - Universal Music (

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Zines for Amoeba Petition Success!

Just one week after the editors of The Big Takeover, Dumb Angel Gazette, Roctober, Scram and Ugly Things posted an open letter to Amoeba Music seeking to get the store to carry indie zines, and after more than 350 kind folks took the time to sign the attached petition (link below) pledging their support, we were contacted by the management of Amoeba's L.A. store with a gracious email offering to work with us to make a select group of high quality indie music magazines available to their customers. Interested publishers can contact me for more information.

The specifics of the zine section are yet to be determined, and it's not clear which stores beyond LA will be effected, but for now I just wanted to spread the good word. It's great to know that sometimes all it takes to get a timely idea adopted is finding the right way to ask. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to sign the petition or forward it, and stay tuned for Zines at Amoeba!


Thursday, April 06, 2006

McDonald's History Tour, April 22 in SoCal

Scramsters are invited to join our pal Chris Nichols as he leads a groovy tour into the secret recesses of fast food history. It's the:

McDonald's History Tour
Saturday, April 22

Join McHistorian Chris Nichols to discover the rich and hidden history of Richard and Maurice McDonald, founders of McDonald's. Travel in a luxury motor coach down Route 66 and into the Inland Empire where you will visit the sites and people that helped form the world's largest restaurant chain.

Tour stops will include a working orange grove, you'll tour a 19th century blacksmith shop where the first automation tools were invented, a visit to the museum on the site of the very first McDonald's. We'll also meet some of the folks who were there at the beginning. From a carhop to the neon man who installed the very first golden arches.

A non-McDonald's lunch will be served at the museum. Snacks and water will be provided. Our story starts when the brothers come to California and ends when Ray Kroc buys McDonald's.

McDonald's History Tour
Saturday, April 22
$50 all inclusive
Send payment to:

Chris Nichols
c/o Los Angeles magazine
5900 Wilshire Blvd., 10th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90036

or paypal to :

Questions? Call 213-804-4184

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Amoeba Needs Zines!

Dear friends,

In tandem with my fellow editors of The Big Takeover, Dumb Angel Gazette, Roctober and Ugly Things, I've launched a petition campaign asking Amoeba Music to begin carrying zines in their California stores.

Since Amoeba came to Los Angeles, Rhino and Aron's Records have closed down, leaving us with very few places where independent music zines can be found. Since the management of Amoeba doesn't want to talk with us about carrying zines, we hope we can change their minds by showing them how many music fans would welcome the addition of zines to their stores.

So please, if you are a music fan and a reader of zines, take a moment to click below and tell Amoeba that you'd like to be able to find both in their stores. And spread the word!

On behalf of my fellow editors, the artists we review, our printers and folks who like to read in the bathtub, I thank you.

best regards,

The Cool Die in Sets of Three

You can stop holding your breath now:

Buck Owens
Nikki Sudden
Gene Pitney

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Phil Ochs Tribute, Sunday night in Brooklyn

Never mind the moribund Ochs tributes. Occasional Monk Mike Fornatale and pals send Phil's songs out into the ether in a spirit of glee:

Come see us play! Raucous Phil Ochs tribute show!

We will be bashing our way [tenderly] through a brace of our favorite Phil
Ochs songs on the 30th anniversary of his death, April 9 (Sunday) at 8PM.


We've been to Phil Ochs tribute shows in the past. (OK, if you haven't, then
just play along.) They tend to be a bit morose. Even dire, sometimes.

Yes, the guy wrote some pretty depressing songs, fair enough. And people who
play these songs at tribute shows tend to dwell on the sad, hopeless aspects
of them -- compounded by the unavoidable fact that, after all, THE GUY KILLED
HIMSELF after his muse melted away.

But to us, Phil's music isn't about depression, it's about redemption.
Besides -- you know us, we don't do "morose." We're raising the bar. ;)

In fact, we're going to raise the entire bar (Magnetic Field, Brooklyn --
where else?) about ten feet in the air, on Sunday April 9, at 8PM, with a
somewhat cheery and rollicking set of Phil Ochs songs played as only we would
them -- and go ahead and read into that whatever you like.

So come, if you're a fan. Come if you're NOT a fan -- you will be by the time
we're done with you. And get there on time, dammit, you do not want to miss
the accordion solo. Or the red white and blue Buck Owens guitar, or the orange
Burns 12-string -- that's right, orange. If that's not worth your time then I
don't know what is.

Who? Peter Stuart -- bass, acoustic and electric guitars, echoplex, singing,
Ben Franklin glasses. Mike Fornatale -- acoustic, electric and 12-string
guitars, banjo, singing, accordion (maybe) and soulless yuppie accountant
Wendy Fornatale -- keyboards, acoustic and electric guitar, no singing, and
she'll probably be wearing contacts. Mike Sinocchi (of The Insomniacs) making
his first fill-in appearance with us -- drums, no singing, no glasses, and
really cool hair. And Mike O'Neill (whom I haven't even met yet -- hope he
comes to
rehearsal tomorrow) on occasional bass. I don't know if he wears glasses or
not, but I'll let you know soon.

Magnetic Field
97 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11201

So we'll see you there, yes?