Monday, July 11, 2005

MagnaPhone Lost Classic:Stained Glass

There's a musty old box under the card table at the MagnaPhone stand out at the parking lot flea market. There's a lot of good records there. Here's one:

Stained Glass-Aurora (Radioactive)Open up any comic book from the late 60's and early 70's and you'll see a lot of repeat images. The stars and stripes in the shape of a hand making the peace sign, the Woodstock bird, the pollution man, the keep on truckin' trio etc. Whenever I see these images a certain hybrid of music enters my head. A sort of Blood, Sweat and Tears or Rare Earth meets Moby Grape. I have never found that sound on an actual record until now. From the kick-off "Gettin ons getting rough" which features a very soulful rhythm section, way ahead of its time, through "The Necromancer" this record has a groove. Like the images I mentioned it's not a dangerous thing, it's a mellow thing. It's an afternoon in a field in the country with some buddies, some beer and a Frisbee. This has become my favorite summertime record. Although these guys from San Jose started out doing a Beatles-esque Mersey beat thing, they evolved into this, and like so many bands that had one or two underground records and split on us, I cant help but think, "What if?"-Greg Trout

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