Saturday, June 18, 2005

Yellow Pills: Prefill double CD (Numero Group)

The biggest problem with power pop fiends is that as a group they’re so enamored of their genre that they’re as likely to recommend something mediocre as something stunning. This is unfortunate, because there’s so much power pop out there, and if its partisans aren’t going to root out the gems, who will? Jordan Oakes, that’s who. The editor of the late Yellow Pills fanzine has compiled an eminently listenable two-disc set of ultra obscure bands who skirted the edges of the skinny tie world (mainly) circa 1978-82. Unless you were dog-earing copies of Bomp! at the time, odds are you’ve never heard the Speedies’ goofy-punk “You Need Pop,” Jon Brion’s new wave/ Beatlesy Bats, art-geeks Luxury, the Treble Boys’ adorable “Julie-Anne” or Randy Winburn’s jubilant, ambitious “Sunshine U.S.A.,” just a few of the highlights on this delightful release.

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