Monday, June 20, 2005

Lost in the Grooves on iTunes

We've just compiled custom iTunes iMix shops where you can browse many of the great artists and albums featured in the Lost in the Grooves book, listening to a little of their songs and maybe buying one or six, which will kick a small percentage back into the Scram coffers. This is meant to supplement the MP3 shop, where we have exclusive tracks by hard-to-find artists like the Sex Clark 5, Orgone Box, Lipstick Killers, Brute Force, Linda Perhacs, Leopards, Gibson Bros, Fugu, John Trubee and Costes.

You can always drop back to this blog's sidebar or to the Scram site to find the iTunes links, which are split up into five alphabetical sections of about 250 tracks each. There are some real surprises in there, like Muddy Waters' Electric Mud, Rhino Handmade's Judee Sill reissues, Michael Nesmith's Nevada Fighter, the Nourallah Brothers solo and in tandem, Wizzard and Yer' Blues by the James Gang. Enjoy...

  • LITG on iTunes (Action-Cowsills)
  • LITG on iTunes (Crenshaw-Gaillard)
  • LITG on iTunes (Gaye-Megadeth)
  • LITG on iTunes (Mekons-Ramones)
  • LITG on iTunes (Raspberries-Yoakum)
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