Wednesday, June 15, 2005


A highlight of the L.A. Weekly Awards ceremonies last night was watching Petra Haden and her 9-girl choir (The Sell Outs) replicating a couple of tracks from her phenomenal vocal-only multitrack interpretation of The Who Sell Out. Quite charming and weird, like a dream of bridesmaids run amok. They're doing the whole album at the Ford Theater on July 1. More info here.

Nice too to see Brian Wilson, Rodney Bingenheimer (so articulate! usually in public situations he makes you forget he's a broadcaster, but he was just terrific), Jeff Barry and X get lifetime achievement awards.

The Weekly's Kate Sullivan introduced Jeff wth effusive (and much deserved) praise, listing singular musical accomplishments, and for the longest time it looked like she wasn't going to mention the Archies, but she was just building up to it. Somehow Ellie Greenwich got left out of the intro, though Phil Spector got a nod. Jeff accepted graciously, and pointed out that whatever it was he'd been doing, it beat working.

Later Flea spoke warmly about how kind X was to him when he wiggled in the back window of the Roxy as an underaged fan, and insisted that for kids growing up in the 70s and 80s, X was THE L.A. band, not the Doors, because they were hippies. I had to laugh. I was 13 when Los Angeles came out, and I dug it a lot, but they were so obviously arty Venice hippies, just a few years removed from the Doors and Tim Buckley and that crowd, pissier and grubbier, but arty hippies all the same.


Laura Pinto said...


Wish I coulda been at the LA Weekly Music Awards (it's a little far from Florida, though!) - would have loved to have seen Jeff Barry and Brian Wilson receive their well-deserved awards, and to hear Jeff make the wry comment that was alluded to in the LA Weekly writeup (at

Did you take any photos, and was there a video made of the awards ceremony?


Kim said...

I didn't take pictures, but there seemed to be several pro cameramen documenting things on video and still camera, probably just for the Weekly's archives. Maybe one of the dozens of kids taking photos with their phones have put them up on flikr?