Monday, January 16, 2006

The Strawberry Alarm Clock - Wake Up… It’s Tomorrow CD (Collectors Choice)

This is my favorite Strawberry Alarm Clock album. My favorite song--everyone’s fave, “Incense and Peppermints”--is on their first album, I haven’t heard their third album and their fourth album is basic blues-rock instead of psychedelia. All of those qualifiers aside, though, this sophomoric effort is the ticket for me. It’s good enough that I will give their third album a listen at my earliest convenience to see how it stacks up. The music here is playful, upbeat, inventive and catchy. I saw the film Psych-Out recently and dug the scenes with these flower power poppers. Thankfully, this set has “Pretty Song from Psych-Out” on it, so I can revisit with my mind’s eye the image of a young Jack Nicholson clumsily trying to look like he knows which end of a guitar is which whenever I want. Surprisingly good musicianship from a group of teenagers and strong songs makes for an enjoyable trip back to the wild and wacky sixties. Love beads are optional. (Edwin Letcher)

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