Saturday, September 17, 2005

Podcast: A Visit to Bubblegum Land

Join editrix Kim on a confounding bubbleloon voyage from Strawberry Shortcake Land to Bubblegum Land with the Bubblegum Queen and the Queen's pesky sidekick L'il Chewy. During their travels you'll hear all about the fun happenings planned for the Bubblegum Achievement Awards, and the Bubblegum Queen will share some favorite rare tunes by honorees Ron "Archies" Dante, Joey "Ohio Express" Levine, Steve "Lancelot Link" Barri, plus the Wombles and Professor Morrison's Lollipop. Pay special attention and you'll hear about a SECRET SPECIAL GUEST STAR whose attendance has not yet been announced anywhere else!

It's a Bubblegum radio special for all to enjoy!

check it out here

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Mike said...

Wow, my first-ever podcast, and it's a magical trip to Bubblegum Land. I especially liked the song about "Governor Reagan." Rare to hear overt political themes in Bubblegum, though the Archies had pro-ecology songs a la "Hey Mr. Factory."