Friday, September 30, 2005

Making Gummys

The Bubblegum Queen stopped by today, and we affixed bubblegum balls to the raised torches of all the Bubblegum Achievement Awards that are getting handed out next Friday night. Her Royal Pinkness also was kind enough to replace the ball that fell off of my own honorary Gummy, a magic lamp trophy with which she surprised me at the first Gummy Awards two years ago.

I played the rough mix of the "Kelly, The Bubblegum Queen" theme song that Jackson Del Rey and Meg Maryatt recorded for her at their secret lair in Malibu, and she proclaimed it "cheap karaoke," and thus "perfect." This number will be her big duet with Canned Hamm.

We also went through the Secret Prize Closet and determined that it will be much more fun to break into the boxes of Wacky Packages and Garbage Pail Kids cards and put the individual packs out as freebies than to raffle them off, potentially to collector hoarders who don't open 'em on the spot. So get ready for a massive card trade in the party room after the awards!

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