Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Folk Is Not A Four Letter Word CD (Delay 68)

Time was, a record collector might make a comp tape for friends, and so spread their notion of an unearthed micro-genre out into discussion. Today, Andy Votel can bring together fifteen obscure, disparate (mainly) femme artistes for a virtual cocktail party where Canyon psych goddess Linda Perhacs nibbles canapés beside teen bossa novistes Wendy & Bonnie, Belushi-killer Kathy Smith bellows by the fire, the Poppy Family shake out of their winter coats, and arty garage babe Erica Pomerance stages a freak out in the sunken conversation pit. The results are like any party where the attendees are interesting strangers: some moments of fascinating confluence, others that are awkward or uncomfortable, but you’re bound to find someone you’d like to talk to in the room. Note that of all the songs in Perhacs’ astonishing canon, Votel picked the most conventional one, “(Hey Now) Who Really Cares.”

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