Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bert Switzer Second Chance DVD (

Over the last thirty years rock ‘n’ roll drummers have been turned into fancy metronomes. They might as well just be replaced with drum machines since they don't play much differently from the tap-tap-tap of disco or electronica. Yet, here we have Bert Switzer, who disappeared from the scene for many of those years. Raised on Keith Moon and seemingly oblivious to the watering-down of music, he kept a powerful, organic method to his playing. Think free jazz played by a gorilla--a really with-it gorilla. This is a musician, not a machine. So after a couple of recent CD releases, we now have this Second Chance documentary, which showcases Switzer's drumming while interspersing the segments with interviews from Switzer and former bandmates, including Henry Kaiser. This is a really neat treat for drummers and the people who love them.

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