Monday, April 11, 2005

Rodney on the Walk

Go Go Giddle Partridge alerts me to a burgeoning campaign to honor longtime KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer--AKA the guy who promoted all your favorite music for decades without getting rich (though he did get to kiss a lot of young girls)--with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This isn't as improbable as it sounds: there are plenty of old time broadcasters on the Blvd., their stars marked with a snazzy retro microphone graphic, and the main barrier to getting a star these days is coming up with the outrageous nomination fee, currently $15,000.

I grew up in Hollywood, and Rodney was my two-streets-over neighbor (1400 N. blocks of Vista and Sierra Bonita respectively), so it would be pretty cool if this came off.

If you'd like to contribute, spread the word or visit the site and make a Paypal donation. (Cher was the first to open her spangly handbag.) And no, in case you're wondering, he never kissed me. However, he did tell a girl from my class that he could get her really good Rolling Stones tickets. -Kim Cooper

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