Sunday, April 10, 2005


I'm Margaret and I'm the newest member of the LITG blog family.

I'm coming from an odd direction. My record collection and I have been apart for three LONG years so I'm getting re-acquainted with some old favorites and wondering why, in some cases, I hoarded such absolute, mind-numbing garbage. Please join me as I weed out the pure foolishness from worthless junk and blather about some of the greatest uses for plastic on Earth.

We'll also be playing a grand game together called "Back to the Curb" where this poor record hoarder, having seen the light of back pain upon moving her thousands of LPs cross-country, now devotes her summer to selling or throwing away at least one third of her record collection. Yes, it can be done! It ain't moving back to California. I'll tell you that much.

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