Friday, February 18, 2005

Linda Perhacs website

If you've picked up a recent issue of Scram, you won't need an introduction to Linda Perhacs, the dental hygienist cum psychedelic songstress, whose Parallelograms LP (Kapp, 1970) is among the most inexplicably lovely rediscoveries of recent years. Last January, Ron Garmon and I had the opportunity to spend a few hours talking with Linda about her music, her life and the spiritual thinkers and experiences that inspired her. This conversation--the first interview Linda had ever given--appeared in Scram #19. In the next issue, we ran the transcript of a dinnertable conversation between Linda and Devendra Banhart, the neo-folk artist who makes a point of mentioning his love of Parallelograms in nearly every interview he gives.

The latest news is that I'm working with Linda to develop her official website, which is at In addition to links to MP3s of her music hosted on the Lost in the Grooves website, we're featuring a message board with an "Ask Linda" section, t-shirts and posters and record totes, my Lost in the Grooves essay on the album, never-before-seen photos and links to some of the books, music, places and people who Linda loves. Do drop by if you'd like to learn more about a remarkable artist. -Kim Cooper

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