Monday, February 21, 2005

Great Roosters of the P.P.I.E.

Via BoingBoing today, I learned about the online Cabinet of Curiosities that Trish Gaylord is launching, and submitted a treasure. The competition looks pretty stiff for inclusion, so I reckon I'll share it here, too.

This is a scan of a prized magazine, American Poultry World for January 1916. There used to be two guys at the Pasadena City College flea market who sold magazines spread on blanket for $1 each. I never asked, but assumed they emptied old or dead people's garages. Mainly I bought their '50s scandal mags, but fell in love with this elegant rooster, identified as "FRISCO," first prize Cockerel and Champion S.C. White Leghorn at the Panama-Pacific International Exhibition. The magazine is packed with gorgeous, weird ads for brooding machines and disinfectant solutions, and many more handsome rooster porn pin-ups. -Kim Cooper

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