Sunday, February 05, 2006

Bob Pfeifer popped in L.A. wiretap case

Bob Pfeifer, right, late of swell ClevePop outfit The Human Switchboard and later prez of Hollywood Records, has been arrested in connection with the Anthony Pellicano surveillance case, the L.A. Times reports. He had apparently had a long personal and professional relationship with "The Pelican." Was AP alleged to be spying on artists or employees for the label head? Unclear, but more indictments are expected Monday.


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music said...

Update: Pfeifer will be sentenced for the wiretapping (one count of witness tampering was dropped even though he admitted to harassing and "destroying" the victim's life. It also came out in federal court that Pfeifer called dancers/prostitutes to his home for entertainment and had the victim followed, harassed, wiretapped and maliciously prosecuted her with 3 lawsuits.