Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Charlie Tweddle - Fantastic Greatest Hits (Companion)

The oddest things keep creeping out of the reissue woodwork. Charlie Tweddle (or Eilrahc Elddewt if you will) recorded and self-released one mystifying album in 1971 and '74 respectively. Tweddle's lo-fi cosmic country sounds like it might have been beamed down from a spaceship where a particularly rollicking party had been going for a week or more. With its barnyard and cricket sounds, collapsing rhythms, old timey feel, stoned humor, long silences and tape weirdness, it's hardly surprising Fantastic Greatest Hits developed a following among the lucky nuts who stumbled upon the original LP. It's definitely got the what-the-hell-is-this factor in spades and only gets stranger as it spins. -Kim Cooper

Links: Companion Records, Tweddle's high end metaphysical cowboy hat business.

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