Sunday, December 11, 2005

cult of the week - Proof of Utah

artist: Proof of Utah
title: A Dog, A Dodo And A Fool
year: 1984

label: Smiley Turtle Records

personnel: Louie Simon (voice, drums, percussion, vocoder, bass, piano, tapes), Mike Bosco (voice, guitars, bass, piano, percussion, toy saxes, tapes, synthesizers) + guests

tracklisting: mrs. delicious, betty's pleasure, whatever happended to protocol?, a dog a dod and a fool, amber mitchell, beverly, crack in the mirror, she's a fish, pronto bill gets born, bomb me baby, the world's largest egg

cotw say…

POU weren't even from Utah. they were from Ohio, although I have no proof. where we do have evidence, it is of a desperately overlooked combo who managed to hone the, at times, ubiquitous Devo/Xtc/Residents-influenced 'rock' of the eighties to absolute perfection.

 'A Dog, A Dodo And A Fool', marked the first in a series of excellent albums. not unlike the much lauded Tall Dwarves, Simon and Brosco are like two children let loose in a couple of music shops, raiding the vinyl racks and instrument drawers to produce deliciously warped songs that demonstrate real inventiveness and a talent for infectious melodies. tracks such as 'She's a Fish' and 'Amber Mitchell' showcase the band at their most eccentric (but still charming), whereas the likes of 'Betty's Pleasure' and the amazing 'Crack in the Mirror' are simply excellent songs with mildly unsettling undercurrents. the use of sampled vocal snippets throughout, plus the very different vocal timbres of Simon and Brosco themselves (one hiccupy and high, the other soothing and low) keep the album diverse and thoroughly engaging. the warm instrumental piano ballad, 'Beverly', and tempered audio experimentation of 'The World's Largest Egg', simply serve to extend the programme even further.

Proof of Utah managed to successfully cram so many influences into their albums, that they should appeal to almost anyone. of course, the only way to prove it would be to get your hands on this classic lp.

erik -


GobiClayman said...

Proof Irrefutable!
Where do I join up? Pass the koolaid!

Erik - cult with no name said...

thanks for the lnk. a fine, fine band.

erik - cwnn

Dances in the Ruins said...

I started listening to these guys when I attended BGSU in the 80s and--alas, the poor college student I was--I only had 4th generation cassettes from vinyl source recordings AND THEY STILL SOUNDED GREAT. I've missed them--the tapes didn't survive the past 2 decades.

arecity said...

louie simon now lives near utah, in boise idaho - still making music.

The Dowdydiva a.k.a. Cecile said...

I interviewed them in '84 for WCBN. They were great guys and super tight musicians. Their show in Ann Arbor was one of the best I saw that decade. Nothing but love for them.