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cult of the week - Delta 5

artist: Delta 5
title: See the Whirl
year: 1981
label: Charisma

personnel: Alan (guitars, vocals, marimba), Ros (bass, vocals), Bethan (bass, vocals), Julz (guitar, vocals), Kelv (drums, percussion, marimba) and others
tracklisting: innocenti, final scene, circuit, open life, trail, shadow, delta 5, anticipation, journey, make up, triangle, waiting, telephone, different fur

further info:

cotw say…

with a CD compilation finally seeing the light of day this year, it's high time that we reassessed the work of Delta 5. very much part of the English post-punk 'funk' scene, Delta 5 are probably best remembered as a band with two (female) bassists. a band that, sadly, only managed to produce one full-length album before calling it quits in 1981.

syncopated rather than sinewy, and angular rather than angry, 'See the Whirl' is a measured, arty slice of post-punk that has much in common with The Raincoats as it does with Gang of Four. among the album's many attractive features are the highly distinctive, multi-tracked (unilateral) female vocals, which possess a beautifully deadpan, unhinged quality. similarly, the addition of a brass section, not to mention piano, expands the sound considerably and serves to take the band further away from funk to all sorts of places (big band, country, even latin). many will be disappointed by the lack of punch in the production - you would hardly notice that there are two bassists unless it was pointed out to you - but each short, speedy burst is as interesting as the next. highlights include 'Journey' (part of a second side that has slightly more in common with Gang of Four than the first), 'Innocenti', and more avant garde efforts such as 'Telephone' (with its syncopated chorus and cool guitar solo) and the cowboy romp of 'Trail'.

see the whirl. then purchase it immediately!

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