Tuesday, February 28, 2006

cult of the week - Manuel Goettsching

artist: Manuel Goettsching
title: E2-E4
year: 1984
label: Inteam

personnel: Manuel Goettsching (guitar, electronics)

tracklisting: quiet nervousness, moderate start, and cetral game, promise, queen a pawn, glorious fight, h.r.h. retreats, (with a swing), ...and sovereignty, draw

further info: www.ashra.com

cotw say…

to produce an album that is heralded as being ahead of its time is one thing, but to have this happen to an album recorded three years prior to its first release, not to mention one that is essentially improvised (!), is quite something else.

when krautrock legends Ashra Temple's guitarist Manuel Goettsching sat down one evening in 1981 to improvise an hour long piece using nothing more than a guitar and synth sequence, he probably didn't bet on creating the world's first ever trance record. but arguably, 'E2-E4' remains just that. centered around a shuffling drum machine rhythm and a syncopated, melodic bass sequence - with a variety of 'ambiences' drifting in and out of the mix - the album is both totally hypnotic and, which is essentially what sets it apart, defiantly fresh and modern-sounding. indeed, I defy anyone to claim it sounds dated. a whole half-hour has actually gone by before any guitar comes in. even then, Goettsching's masterfully understated playing perfectly suits the backing, which remains fairly static for the album's second half. avoiding even the faintest hint of a 'rock' solo, Goettsching instead plays in a jazz style, with some reviewers even drawing comparisons to George Benson.

heavily sampled by Detroit techno pioneers, and part-inspiring the nineties' explosion in European trance, you heard it here first. classic, classic, classic.

erik - http://www.cultwithnoname.com

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