Monday, February 20, 2006

cult of the week - The Creepers

artist: Creepers

title: Rock 'n' Roll Liquorice Flavour

year: 1987

label: Red Rhino Records

personnel: Marc Riley (vocals, guitar, drums), Eddie Fenn (drums, guitar, piano), Phil Roberts (bass, vocals), Mark Tilton (guitar), Simon Taylor (guitar), Mike Gallagher (saxes), Jon Langford (guitar), Dick Taylor (guitar), Eric (accordian)

tracklisting: liquorice flavour, sweet retreat, cheshire life, rosalyn, derbyshire, tearjerker, fillet face, 'cept for you, fan club, act your age, bastard hat, curl up and dye

further info:

cotw say…

guitarist Marc Riley had his very own music industry baptism of fire by managing to remain a member of The Fall for a whopping 4 years. his post-Fall outfit, The Creepers, gradually grew in confidence with each of their five albums before finally calling it a day on this, their final, but greatest effort.

comparisons with The Fall are inevitable, but - with the exception of 'Fan Club' - unfounded as The Creepers' sound(s) is far removed, if still resolutely 'Northern'. Riley & Co. explore a far wider palette of sights and sounds on 'Rock 'n' Roll Liqourice Flavour', all of which are very palatable. in between excellent, melodic punky (not punk) songs such as 'Cheshire Life' and 'Curl Up and Dye', you'll find the honky tonk drinking song piano of 'Sweet Retreat', eighties indie ('Tearjerker'), avant folk ('Bastard Hat'), something approaching goth ('Cept for You') and a neat cover of The Pretty Things' 'Rosalyn'. the cool metronomic drums, sinister riffs, distorted stylophone and bizarre spoken monologue of the album's standout 'Derbyshire' warrants a special mention. Riley's versatile voice adjusts perfectly to every setting on the album, with the band duly following suit. accordian is used to particularly great effect.

a fine album, with barely two tracks that are the same. liqourice allsorts indeed!

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