Monday, January 30, 2006

cult of the week - Ted Milton

artist: Ted Milton

title: Ode: O, to be seen through your eyes!

year: 1986

label: Toeblock Records

personnel: Ted Milton (sax, vocals), Hermann Martin (synthesizers)

tracklisting: ode: o, to be seen through your eyes!, slies are bruised, the porcine colonel's left over women

cotw say…

Ted Milton, better known as the visionary, if inimitable, leader of Blurt, remains one of post-punk's forgotten heroes. Blurt's combination of squawking sax, angular guitars and funk-influenced drumming still draws immediate comparisons with James Chance, an unsatisfactory tag when you consider that Blurt swam in more original and avant-garde waters.

"Ode" is not only noteworthy because it saw Milton record under his own name, it also marked an interesting departure from Blurt, whose organic sound was temporarily replaced by Herman Martin's synths. the results are mixed. the title track comprises a Milton monologue over dated programmed drums, which detract slightly from the power of Milton's highly animated voice. 'Skies are Bruised' (great title) is much better. Martin's synth stabs and textures are suitably ominous and combine excellently with a superb sax riff that hints strongly at the Blurt classic 'Bullets for You'. undoubtedly the EP's standout. meanwhile, 'The porcine colonel's left-over women' buries Milton's rant and sax in the mix somewhat, giving the track a cool, meditative feel thanks to some sparse, repetitive synth programming.

not for the fainthearted, but who cares. let it blurt!

erik -


stinki said...

I had this on tape back in '86 and loved it for many years until it was stolen along with my whole music collection. I have been looking to replace it for some time now. Any leads on how to get my greedy little puppies on it again will be greatly appreciated. Plus if you find yourself at the bar in the west village of manhattan then I will buy you as many drinks as you can handle in one night. I live in the hood and I am serious about this. stian 917.575.7430
stian at stian daut cawm

Erik - cult with no name said...


Yeah great EP fromly the grossly overlooked Ted Milton. You can still pick up copies on the web here and there. In the meantime get the new Blurt comp which is amazing!

Erik -