Friday, October 21, 2005

cult of the week - Indoor Life

artist: Indoor Life
title: Indoor Life

year: 1981

label: Celluloid Records

personnel: J.A. Deane (trombone, synthesizer system, tapes), Bob Hoffnar (electric bass, and special bass treatments, backing voice), Sabella (drums, oberheim-4 voice, electronic percusion), Jorge Socarras (voice), Patrick Cowley (antiphonal synthesizer and percussion)

tracklisting: voodoo, gilmore of the fillmore, madison ave., revely, archeology, contre nature, mamabo

cotw say…

a sadly long-forgotten synth combo this week, who formed in San Francisco but soon switched to the east coast before disappearing.

clocking in at a whopping 13 minutes, the sparse, funky drumming and ultra-cool bass riff of 'Voodoo' immediately mark it out as very much a synthpunk approximation of the Herbie Hancock fusion classic, 'Chameleon'. it is, quite literally, as groovy as hell. synths continue to bleep and basses continue to bounce all throughout the album. meanwhile Dean's trombone is used to outstanding effect on the futurist ballad 'Madson Ave.' and the quite remarkable motifs of the funky, 'Contre Nature'. and whilst the over-anxious warble of Jorge Socorras grates at times, it can't detract from the exceptionally executed synth/funk/punk crossover material presented here.

a couple of years down the line, Indoor life would return with another eponymously titled album. having traded in the exprimental funk for fairly tepid synthpop, make sure you get your paws on the right one. you won't regret it, that's for sure.

erik -

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an indian too said...

indoor life! the 1981 album is amazing! i just found the 1983 album on relativity in a bargain bin in san jose for $4 and it is nowhere near as menacing and good. their producer patrick cowley was a victim of AIDS in 1982, this has to explain the transition....