Saturday, September 03, 2005

cult of the week - Snapper

artist: Snapper

title: Snapper

year: 1988

label: Flying Nun Records

personnel: Peter Gutteridge (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Christine Voice (keyboards, vocals, guitar), Dominic Stones (guitar, vocals), Alan Haig (drums)

tracklisting: buddy, cause of you, death and weirdness in the surfing zone, hang on

cotw say…

New Zealand’s Snapper only managed two full-length albums during their eight-year career, but the quality of their output (in particular this, their debut EP) more than made up for the waiting. the band’s highly distinctive sound was coined ‘buzz wall’ by frontman Peter Gutteridge, an accurate summary of what you get once the needle drops on to the record.

across the EP’s four tracks you will quite simply find some of the greatest Suicide riffs that Martin Rev never wrote (with ‘Cause of You’ and ‘Death and Weirdness…’ as standouts), layered with ringing, distorted guitars and highly repetitive drumming. the powerful effect of having a vox organ and two guitars simultaneously droning through your speakers is simply awesome. vocally, and by contrast, Gutteridge and co. reveal solid sixties roots with a breathy style that draws immediate comparisons to ancestors (The Byrds) as well contemporaries (The Jesus and Mary Chain).

Suicide inevitably spawned numerous hollow eighties imitators. but on this noirsh debut EP, Snapper somehow managed to beat them at their own game.

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