Sunday, September 25, 2005

cult of the week - Kissing the Pink

artist: Kissing the Pink

title: Naked

year: 1983

label: Magnet Records

personnel: probably Nick Whitecross, Jon Kingsley, Peter Barnett, Simon Aldridge, Stephen Cusack, Grorge Stewart, Josephine Wells

tracklisting: the last film, frightened in france, watching their eyes, love lasts forever, all for you, the last film (hymn version), big man restless, desert song, broken body, maybe this day, in awe of industry, mr blunt

cotw say…

by 1983, the british synthpop scene had fallen foul of a hundred and one numan-league-mode impersonators. how refreshing then, that a group of London music graduates would sweep them all aside with their stunning debut album.

‘Naked’ succeeds by managing to weave highly original/ memorable tunes and arrangements into the familiar synth settings. it’s an album that is kitsch but not saccharine, odd but not unpleasant. the brilliant dance track ‘Big Man Restless’, sounds something like Fad Gadget being produced by Red Box, thanks to uplifting, multi-tracked vocals in the chorus (a feature throughout). and even when you think you stumbled across some non-descript ABC outtake like ‘Love Lasts Forever’, exceptionally hooky songwriting challenges your opinion within seconds. brilliant choruses hit the spot every time, with the subtle use of piano, saxophone and violin giving the album a fokier, europop feel that helps it to avoid the cliches.

soon to succumb to the pressures for overly slick, commercial pop, Kissing the Pink’s subsequent releases didn’t even come close to this. but then again, not many other synthpop bands did.

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