Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Lost in the Grooves - UK launch

The Friday Night Music Appreciation Society – a monthly feast of music and talks held at the Red Rose Club in Finsbury Park, London – played host to the UK launch of Lost in the Grooves on 29th July. A ‘pick of the night’ entry in London’s weekly listings bible ‘Time Out’, drew a friendly, diverse crowd of music fans and buffs, with an assortment of curious punters thrown in.
The evening began with host Alex Tambourides introducing the Friday Night Music Appreciation Society for the uninitiated, followed by Lost in the Grooves blog regular Erik Stein describing Scram, Lost in the Grooves and the format of the evening in more detail. Tom from Routledge was also down with copies of Lost in the Grooves to sell.

First up, was FNMAS regular Helen Fisher, who stunned the crowd with her Bush/ Amos-inspired piano brilliance. Each song as highly complex, intelligent and emotive as the next, Helen’s set was extremely well received and set the perfect tone for the rest of the night. Check out

After a short break, Erik introduced the first speaker of the night. Not just any speaker, but LITG book contributor Genevieve Conaty, who chose to present on one of her two book contributions, namely the New York Rock Ensemble. Complete with a blown-up version of the satanic cover art of the Ensemble’s 'Roll Over' album, Genevieve managed to incorporate Terry Gilliam, the X-files theme, and the Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 into 25 fun-filled minutes, that had everyone both laughing out loud and listening in studious silence.

Another live act followed in Cult With No Name. Erik with accomplice Jon Boux slid through a set of keyboard-oriented moodswings. Always at a bit of a loss at how to detail their atmospheric sound, a massively appreciative Rick Corcoran of The Orgone Box hailed the band as a cross between ‘Ian McCulloch and Frank Sinatra’, which suits them just fine! Come fly with them at

The second speaker of the night was The Sound Projector magazine writer and Mystery Dick member Harley Richardson, whose massively entertaing insight into Disco-Tex and his Sex-O-Lettes’ ‘Get Dancin’ album left the crowd with an awful lot of questions to follow up on. What exactly is the ‘Boogie Flap’, as featured on the album? How did Tex fit all those people into the studio? And hang on, who the hell was Disco-Tex anyway? Answers on a postcard please.

Another short break preceded the evening’s headliners, Rick Corcoran aka The Orgone Box. Erik introduced Rick and friends by reading out their entry from Lost in the Grooves, with plaudits such as ‘a gorgeous wall of bittersweet harmonies’ serving as a neat introduction to the sound of Rick and his friends. Presenting long-awaited all new melancholic material alongside stripped-down versions of Corcoran classics like ‘Anaesthesia’ and the hit single ‘Judy Over The Rainbow’, the living legend really did live up to the legend. Let’s hope that this new material becomes widely available soon.

So, with three live acts and two excellent speakers to digest, the crowd were left with plenty to think about and discuss. Probably why we had to throw them all out at 1.30am!

A massive thank you is due to all contributors/ bands, as well as Alex Tambourides and Josef Donovan, who ensured that the evening ran as smoothly as Roger Moore running a bath whilst wearing a tux.

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