Saturday, July 23, 2005

cult of the week - →↑→

artist: →↑→ (“Tch Tch Tch”)

title: Venitian Rendezvous

year: 1979

label: self-pressed

personnel: Anthe (synthi), Leigh (guitar), Phil (piano, synthi), Ralph (saxophone)

tracklisting: lampadina, pallini, sportello, canzona di una notta

cotw say…

→↑→ certainly isn’t the last band to use a symbol as a name, but it may well have been the first. this Australian experimental combo, lead by Phil Brophy, made their mark in more ways than one through a series of deliberately diverse records put out at the turn of the eighties.

Italian references to the contrary, ‘Venitian Rendezvous’ has no obvious anchor. a highly understated rhythm section – i.e. a soft rhythm box here and there - forces you to focus on the extremely original saxophone and one-fingered synth riffs that accompany tracks like ‘Lampadina’ and ‘Canzona di una notta’. totally charming throughout, →↑→’s debut sounds not unlike a very well mannered and relaxed hybrid of The Residents (circa ‘The Commercial Album’) and the childlike duo Renaldo and the Loaf in a jazzier mood. indeed, ‘nursery rhyme jazz’ is perhaps the best, the only, description that befits the music of this fascinating EP.

erik -

much like their logo-cum-name, ‘Venitian Rendezvous’ is record that points in very much the right direction.

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