Sunday, July 03, 2005

cult of the week - Art et Technique

artist: Art et Technique

title: Clima-X

year: 1981

label: Hi-Tech Records

personnel: ???

tracklisting: derive, nouveau primitif, acier, noel tombe un jeudi, intervention d’un element neuter dans un ensemble vide, alerte chantee, alerte instrumentale, just, tube, afrique, bali, off-shore, feedback-fillmore

cotw say…

little is known about the trio of Parisian musicians that were behind ‘Clima-X’, other than the fact that Art et Technique’s only album remains one France’s most notable industrial discs.

to quickly dismiss ‘Clima-X’ as being a derivative of the likes of Throbbing Gristle would be a mistake, although the metallic drones of tracks like ‘Acier’ and ‘Bali’ are broadly reminiscent of the much under-appreciated Dome. like Dome, Art et Technique neatly avoid the clich├ęd notion of creating harsh and aggressive mechanical textures and instead offer up a dreamy and surprisingly warm album that, in places, leans in the direction of a gently distorted krautrock ambience. defining the sound in particular, is the delicate use of white noise and rumbling low-pass filters, making the whole listening experience somewhat similar to being trapped in a semi-musical wind tunnel.

x-treme and x-ellent.

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