Sunday, June 12, 2005

cult of the week - The Nails

artist: The Nails

title: Hotel for Women

year: 1981

label: Jimboco Records

personnel: Marc Campbell (vocals, guitar), David Kaufman (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Douglas Guthrie (saxophone), George Kaufman (bass, guitar, trombone, vocals), Tommy Cotogna (drums), Connie Garcia (vocals)

tracklisting: Hotel for Women, Cutting Edge, 88 Lines about 44 Women

cotw say…

a deceptive debut from this mid-west combo, whose later records sound little like their first EP. and the unmistakable bondage photo montage that adorns the cover of ‘Hotel for Women’, makes it clear just what kind of hotel we’re talking about here.

both the title track and ‘Cutting Edge’ offer darker takes on ska. the creative use of horns, synths/ sequencers and backing vocals, all subjected to an array of studio (dub) effects, makes them particularly appealing. most memorable however, is the unique ’88 Lines about 44 Women’, a big radio hit for the band in both it’s original and later re-recorded form. more a description than a title, Marc Campbell recites a list of unforgettable females he’s encountered, each with her own particular set of neuroses, over dinky electronics and a cute, familiar melody.

whether a genuine attempt at an autobiography, or simply a work of pure fiction, ’88 Lines’ still remains a true post-punk classic.

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