Sunday, May 08, 2005

cult of the week - The Honeymoon Killers

artist: the honeymoon killers

title: les tueurs de la lune de miel

year: 1981

label: crammed discs

personnel: Marc Hollander (keyboards), Jean-Francois Jones Jacob (drums), Yves Flon (saxaphone), Vincent Kenis (bass), Yvon Vromman (vocals, guitar), Veronique Vincent (vocals), Gerald Fenerberg (guitar)

tracklisting: flat, histoire a suivre, decollage, rush, fonce a mort, j4, route nationale 7, ariane, laisse tomber les filles, l’heure de la sortie

cotw say…

perhaps unexpectedly, Brussels found itself at the centre of one of the most exciting, yet under-appreciated, post-punk scenes on offer in the early eighties. Marc Hollander’s legendary Crammed Discs provided a vehicle for numerous fantastic bands, including this local collective who are definitely not to be confused with the American hardcore band of the same name.

all the typical post-punk elements are here, gently squeezed through a European filter, which gives the Honeymoon Killer’s only album a delightful ‘folkiness’. ‘Fonce a Mort’, ‘Laisse Tomber Les Filles’ and ‘J4’ all hint at ska, but psychedelic keyboard stabs and angular guitars pull them in new, interesting directions (‘prog-ska’?!). elsewhere, the outstanding ‘Decollage’ transcends musical categorisation and sneaks in one of the most delightfully sinuous basslines EVER, topped off by Veronique Vincent’s breathy vocals. the non-aggressive, but nevertheless seriously warped outlook adopted by the Killers gives many of the album’s melodies a child-like quality, most effectively demonstrated on the excellent instrumental ‘Ariane’.

put bluntly, who needs to jam when you can have honey?

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