Sunday, May 22, 2005

cult of the week - the door and the window

artist: The Door and the Window

title: Detailed Twang

year: 1980

label: NB Records

personnel: Nag (vocals, wasp, bass, toy piano), Mark (vocals, drums, sax, bass), Bendle (vocals, guitar, bass, toy piano, drums, organ)

tracklisting: dads, habits, we do scare each other, order and obey, he feels like a doris, part-time punks, in the culture, subculture fashion slaves, sticks and stones, positive, why must you build walls around us?, detailed twang

cotw say…

at what point does laddish amateurism become studied artiness (and vice versa)? via it’s members’ philosophy to never actually learn to play any instruments, that question was frequently asked of TDATW. and yet, the addition of punk legend Mark Perry (of Alternative TV fame) to the group for their only album, allowed for some very interesting music to be made.

the ATV influence is certainly noticeable, as the band (g)rumbles on through a set of slow-paced, half-songs, all characterized by tuneless vocals, jazz-influenced drumming, and minimal arrangements. amongst all the poorly recorded, lo-fi weirdness, there are some genuine musical moments to savour on ‘Detailed Twang’. in particular the toy piano/ bass run on ‘We do scare each other’, and distorted wasp synth on the opening and closing tracks.

polished, it most certainly ain’t. but if you like your music to polarize…

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