Sunday, May 15, 2005

cult of the week - Cardboards

artist: Cardboards

title: Greatest Hits Volume Two

year: 1981

label: Mom’s Records

personnel: Bill Bored (drums and bell), Max Haste (vocal and farfisa), De Ivanhoe (keyboards and generator), Ron Solo (keyboards and keyboard percussion), Keeth Teeth (keyboards)

tracklisting: on the rÞtz, electrical generator, copa cabana, gravity’s still working, bill’s rap

cotw say…

a first time visit this week to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, yet another city that played host to posses of electronic art punks at the turn of the eighties. And although no-one will have been fooled by the title of the EP, Cardboards are definitely one posse that are worthy of closer inspection.

a healthy does of humour keeps this seriously DIY workout from being in any way a drag, with Max Haste’s agitated warble drawing unavoidable comparisons with Fred Schneider of the B-52’s. musically speaking, the cool rhythm boxes of ‘Gravtity’s Still Working’ and the bouncy ‘Bill’s Rap’ are particularly appealing. throughout, the use of live drums and farfisa organ neatly offset any potential over-reliance on synths, and the urgency of the songs gives the tracks a punkier (artier?) edge.

sadly, it’s reported that shortly after completing this EP, Cardboards, erm, folded. (possibly our best pun ever!)

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archvixer said...

The Cardboards were a lot of fun. Really great times. Along with them were Carsickness, The Five and a bunch of others. Very unPittsburgh. I had a great time with those bands and hope all the members are doing well and are happy. They gave me quite a few thrills in my younger years. Nice to see the subject popped up on the net. Thanks.
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