Sunday, April 10, 2005

cult of the week - Voice Farm

artist: Voice Farm

title: The World We Live In

year: 1982

label: Systematic Records

personnel: Charly Brown (lead vocals, keyboards, treatments), Myke Reilly (backup vocals, keyboards, electronic percussion), Debra Hanes (drums, synare)

tracklisting: a.m. city, lost adults, beatnik, davy’s big battle, mam made me do it, sally go round the roses, double garage, follow me home, voyeur, cheeno, over and over

cotw say…

the second instalment in our ‘Sally Go Round the Roses’ series comes via this San Francisco electronic group, whose debut album remains remarkably different from the comparatively conventional electronic pop fayre offered up by Brown and Reilly later in the decade.

‘The World We Live In’ is not an easy album to describe. a not-unpleasantly disjointed collection of synth experiments that comprises instrumentals (e.g. the noirish ‘Follow Me Home’ and melodically Numanesque ‘A.M. City’ - check out the great ‘boiinng’ noise), reverb-heavy, undanceable, songs (e.g. ‘Over and Over’, ‘Beatniks’, ‘Double Garage’), and general oddness (‘Cheeno’). a dreamlike – sometimes nightmarish – quality pervades throughout, giving the impression that there’s much more to Voice Farm than initially meets the ear. and yet, the group chooses to adorn the front cover sporting nothing more than their underwear! certainly crediting a single member with drums is somewhat misleading on an album where the rhythm box rules.

the world we live in. a mighty strange place indeed.

Erik -

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