Thursday, April 28, 2005

cult of the week - Nomeansno

artist: Nomeansno

title: Mama

year: 1984

label: self-pressed

personnel: Rob Wright (bass, vocals, guitars), John Wright (drums, vocals, keyboards)

tracklisting: living is free, my roommate is turning into a monster, red devil, mama’s little boy, we are the chopped, no sex, rich guns, no rest for the wicked, living in detente

cotw say…

two decidedly geeky looking brothers from British Columbia soon grew into one of the premier punk bands of the last twenty years. and yet, before Nomeansno first fielded any guitar-based neuroses, they debuted with this, totally different musical proposition.

‘Mama’ really should be heard by lots of people. to describe it as ‘jazzy-Devo’ is a start perhaps, but that tag must not be allowed undermine the standalone brilliance of this record. keyboards and guitar are pushed far back into the mix (and usually dropped completely) in favour of the quite brilliant chunky bass runs and drum fills of the likes of ‘Rich Guns’ And ‘Mama’s Little Boy’. of course, the Wright brother’s warped vision and deviant humour are never that far away, particularly on ‘…Roommate…’, ‘No Sex’ and the intense swirl of ‘Red Devil’.

so, should you hunt down Nomeansno’s first album? yes, and we mean it maaaan!

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